I help entrepreneurs define their brands and get seen by their ideal audience.

Lindsay Maudsley,

Brand & Marketing Strategist

Founder of Brand Solo

Associate Degree in Graphic Design

George Brown College /

Sessions College

Certificate in Effective Selling

University of Waterloo

Certificate in Customer Aquisition

Digital Marketer

Sitting in my office brainstorming business ideas, thinking about working from home or a sunny beach somewhere – or at the very least getting outside to enjoy the very short summers that we get here in Alberta. That was my daily reality for years.


There’s always been a fire in me to have the freedom of working for myself and to build something from the ground up. No matter the challenges and learning curves I’ve hit, the passion for entrepreneurship has always burned stronger than the option to go back to a 9-5 job. 


Can you relate?


The nerves, fears, and doubts have never outweighed the unhinged desire to bring my wildest dreams to life. I believe that I have a calling to help others make their wildest dreams come true too. 




Not many 7th-grade elementary students keep a cash box in their desk, but I did. Even from an early age, entrepreneurship came naturally to me. While other country kids were collecting quarters, I had my little “corner store,” in the corner of my desk, selling snacks, school supplies, and other knick-knacks.


I had conquered the market for spare pencils and erasers. It was a lucrative business for a 7th-grader from a rural town, surrounded by farms; looking back, that's where it all began.


As a youth, I knew that graphic design was the right trade for me. Back then, multi-media was the new thing, so I took my ambitions to the big city of Toronto to earn my associate degree in graphic design before moving on to the next chapter of my life.


I didn't know it at the time, but what I learned during that stage would solidify the foundation for Brand Solo.


After living in Toronto, I moved back to a small town, working in a marketing role for a municipality, which isn't as droll as it sounds. I enjoyed the work but still felt driven to achieve more, to achieve something different on my own.


On paper, I had all of the accolades anybody would want on their resume: a college degree, certifications, good work history, and unique skills. But the truth was that I never felt fully satisfied just filling a role in an organization.


Five years went by, and I started working in another strategic communication position in a neighbouring community. I worked there for a year, before taking the leap to go solo and become a freelance graphic designer. 


Outside of my day job, I had spent all of my spare time building businesses in my mind and designing visual identities for them without ever fully launching. I fell in love with one business idea after another, until one day I finally realized – the passion I was chasing was actually building brands. And with that epiphany, I was off and running, following my entrepreneurial dreams.


Mixing my experience from working in roles of strategic planning, marketing, and graphic design, I was able to grow into an effective Brand and Marketing Strategist. 


Today, I work with other solo entrepreneurs who have great big dreams. My company's name is Brand Solo, and brand building is what drives me.


I wanted more. I fought for more, and now, I'm reaping the rewards.


Often, solopreneurs don't know where to start or where to turn when things don't go as planned.


I want every entrepreneur and every dreamer to believe in their ambitions and work to create something special.


As a wife, mother of two kids, and a business owner, I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible.


Whether you have been running your business for years or you are just starting, I believe together we can make your passions into a successful and strategic plan.


I’m living it, and you can, too!

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formerly Vantage Point Design

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