Project Overview

Kinsalt Meal Planning is a startup business that offers family meal planning including weekly grocery lists and recipes. It targets busy, on-the-go families that want to save time and money by getting organized in the kitchen.

The name Kinsalt is a play on words combining 'kin' (family) and 'salt' (food) to form a close cousin of the word 'consult' (which is the service offered). 

The business operates entirely online and utilizes forms/questionnaires to categorize its visitors with the right package to fit their personal needs. These structures were not yet defined at the beginning of development, but were strategized to help streamline the business.  

We partnered with Angela, the owner of Kinsalt, to create a bold and fresh look for her business. The website showcases a mix of stock and personal photography to help tell her story and give viewers a true taste of what she is and has to offer. The whimsical and purely typographic logo embodies what meal time should be: fun and organized. 

Our Solution

We started by diving into what the business was, who it was for, and how the website was going to serve the audience. Fusing Angela's passion for meal time and desire to provide useful recipes for families, we agreed a blog would be a great starting point. From there we talked about how her service is generally provided through a series of email communications to narrow in on the customer needs. This sparked the idea to streamline that process through automated forms on the website. 

We built out the other pages based on the content provided by Angela and created a space that customers could clearly see what she had to offer and the costs associated, why she's passionate about what she does, and also get some free information from her blog.

The overall brand formed through the imagery used and the bright pops of colour in the pictures of food. The colour green was implemented in the logo and throughout the site to represent the fresh and energetic feel of the business. 

Project Deliverables


Website Development

Grocery List Template

Logo Design

Email Setup

Meal Plan Template

Website Design

Marketing Strategy

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