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The Town of Sylvan Lake went through a detrimental arena collapse, which left a huge gap in the community and forced the rebuilding of the facility. The project grew to become a full-scale recreational centre including two ice rinks, a curling arena, seniors centre, swimming pool, walking track, and meeting spaces. 

During the development and construction of the facility the community rallied to raise funds. This was accomplished through advertising available sponsorships areas within the new building as well as a buy-a-seat program. 

Materials developed for this effort include a sponsorship portfolio with each available sponsorship opportunity listed, signage, advertising mockups, a donor wall, numerous print materials and website with information on how to get involved in the project and the ability to donate online. 

The complex's logo was comprised of both the Town of Sylvan Lake's logo and the main facility sponsor logo. We pulled the colours orange and blue from the two logos and used them throughout the campaign materials. The orange spoke to the loud and energetic efforts of the project, while the blue brought stability to the designs, representing trust and loyalty within the Town. 

This on-going project required regular updating of advertising materials and new development of ads. Through continuous support of the project we were able to provide materials to community stakeholders and key user groups as needed. 

Stock images of recreational activities were used to help communicate the project's final goal of having a place for the community to come together. Imagery of clouds and sunshine were also used to speak to the dream of a better day to come for Sylvan Lakers after the massive collapse left many long-term rink users devastated. 

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