Project Overview

The City of Red Deer implemented a new mass notification system that allows the City to communicate with residents via phone call, text, or email. The system is used for emergencies as well as snow plowing and sanding updates to contact users who have signed up. 

The City of Red Deer has had ongoing communications and campaigns around the new system since its launch. Part of these efforts include magazine ads, social media posts, and flyers. 

We partnered with the City to build the visual designs for specified advertising tactics to help promote their systems and tools for notifying residents.

Our Solution

We utilized some pre-existing elements of the branding for this campaign in order to maintain a consistent look with what was implemented at the onset of this initiative. 

Notify Red Deer was cross branded with some of the City's other campaigns such as the annual advertising for snow plowing and sanding. This campaign promoted the ways that residents could be notified about street plowing. 

Each design maintained a unified colour palette applying lime green, red, burgundy, and blue where appropriate. Photographs, icons, and sharp geometric angles shaped the overall look of the brand and tied each marketing piece together. 

Project Deliverables


Magazine Cover Ads

Social Media Images

Magazine Spread


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