Project Overview

Persevere Fitness Clothing is a startup sports brand targeting young athletes. Their goal was to create a typographic logo that would translate well across online media platforms and be versatile to print on clothing and apparel. The brand hinges on the truth that a fitness journey will always have ups and downs, but health can always be accomplished with determination and perseverance. 


The businesses audience focuses on a young, social media driven culture. The logo needed to be simple, bold and easily translate into a motion graphic that could be used down the road for video promotions. 

Our Solution

We chose a bold, geometric font to encompass the values of the company. The letters ‘EVE’ in the logo share a line which starts off straight on the top of the first ‘E’ then dips down and comes back up to land across the top of the second ‘E’. This is symbolic of the ups and downs that come with a fitness journey. It represents the persistence through tough times that it takes to persevere on the way to health and fitness. 


The logo does not utilize any set colours as it is often associated with differing apparel items that vary in colour. Instead, the brand utilizes a flexible set of standards to guide where, how and what colours to the logo is displayed in. The company utilizes colourful imagery of athletes to build their brand and audience, while showcasing their fitness gear in action. 

Project Deliverables


Logo Design

Social Media Images

Apparel Mockups

Clothing Tag Design

Business Card Design

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