The City of

Red Deer

Project Overview

The City of Red Deer prides themselves on award winning communications. With over 1,000 employees and 100,000 residents, both their internal organizational communications and their external community communications are extremely vital for prosperity in the City. 

The City of Red Deer has an excellent team of communicators working to represent the many facets of municipal branches. An annual campaign is run around snow plowing and ice sanding. The advertising has been an on-going and growing promotion as new structures and communication tools have come into place. 

We partnered with the City to build the visual designs for specified advertising tactics to help promote their systems and tools for notifying residents about snow plowing and ice sanding schedules.

Our Solution

We utilized some pre-existing elements of the branding for this campaign such as Buddy the reindeer, but gave the overall look and feel a refresh by brightening the palette from a night-time scene to a bright daylight blue. 

The following year, we had the unique challenge of implementing the Notify Red Deer brand (the City's new mass notification system) into the snow and ice advertising materials. The goal was to promote the ways that residents could be notified about street plowing. 

We accomplished this by keeping the main focus of the designs on the original snow and ice brand, while implementing the Notify Red Deer logo and graphic elements in a complementary way. Using heavy headlines that captured the audiences eye, we drew in attention to the finer details of the messaging and supporting graphic elements. 

Project Deliverables


Poster Design

Social Media Images

Custom Illustration

Arena Rink Board Design

Event Signage

Newspaper Ad Design

Bus Bench Ad Design

Website Images

Flyer Design

Cinema Pre-screen Ad

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