Find out where to focus your energy when it comes to building your business's brand.

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In this 60 minute call, I'll use our SOLO© Method of Branding to uncover the areas of your brand that need strengthening.

Below are the four pillars to creating a brand positioned for growth. I'll take a high level look at each of them and offer insights into how you can grow and strengthen your brand.

Stand Out Positioning

I'll teach you how to define your WHY, dial in on your audience, and evaluate where you are in their minds.

Opportunistic Messaging

Learn how to choose the right tone and messaging to appeal to your audience.

Logo & Visual Identity 

Find out how your visuals play a role in your overall brand and how to create a great identity for your business.

Ongoing Audit & Optimization

A brand is a living and evolving part of your business. I'll show you how to make it scale as your business grows!

My name is Lindsay Maudsley. I’m a Brand & Marketing Strategist and the Founder of Brand Solo. We help turn businesses into brands through strategy and design.


It’s our mission to help entrepreneurs find their unique advantages and build brands that stand out against the competition.

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