Project Overview

Walleye Locating offers line locating services in Alberta and Western Canada. As an up and coming company they chose to strengthen their brand by investing in a logo.


They had a clear vision in mind for the icon and colours to use. We worked with them to flesh out the design concepts based on their inspiration to create a fully functional logo that could be carried across platforms and solidify their brand.

Once the brand was developed, business cards and e-signatures were created to aid their marketing. Each item created tied in seamlessly to build the cohesive brand they were looking for. 

Our Solution

We started by diving into what the business was and who it served as the target audience. We researched their website and competitors online and locally. From there we dived into brainstorming some initial concepts to build the brand. 

The icon of a walleye fish and the use of the colour red were desired outcomes set by the client. We worked with this idea and offered a few options to build from. The final logo form showcases a fierce fish, which aligns with their blue collar audience. 

We used a strong modern font with variated weights to place emphasis on the name Walleye and offset the lengths of text surrounding the icon of the fish.

Project Deliverables


Business Card Design

Custom Illustration

Logo Design

e-Signature Design

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