Wellness & Safety Day Convention

Wellness & Safety Day is an internal event for staff to learn about topics related to their health, safety and wellness.

It hosts over 1,000 employees each year with a fresh theme to keep viewers engaged and learning.

Goals Set:

  • Advertise to all staff members in various departments and facilities across the City

  • Educate workers on topics related to wellness & safety

  • Communicate information regarding transportation, schedules and worker expectations


  • Over 1,000 employees attended

  • The event featured interactive games, booths, draws, food, and entertainment

  • Staff were engaged and educated

Designer at Vantage Point Design

This is the third year I've had the privilege of working on Wellness & Safety Day for this client and I absolutely love the opportunity!

Getting to work alongside amazing event organizers with such fantastic vision is exactly why I started in this field. 

Project Deliverables:

​Marketing Strategy:

  • internal e-newsletter

  • internal website

  • posters in all employee break rooms

  • verbally presented at departmental meetings

  • invitations in staff mailboxes

Graphic Design Items:

  • invitations

  • tickets

  • posters

  • event passport (checklist)

  • lanyard designs

  • t-shirt designs

  • on-site event signage (way-finding)

  • site map with exhibitors list

  • website banner

  • draw box signage

  • vinyl banner designs

  • event presentation slides

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